Technology in Business and Society

Technology always comes with questions.  Technology is often used to achieve strategic goals, but the practical implications of emerging technologies leave many people's heads spinning.  Questions abound:

  • How secure is the Internet? 
  • How do I engage in email marketing without being labelled as a spammer? 
  • How do companies engage online while keeping themselves protected?  What are the emerging areas of technology which will be popular in the coming years? 
  • What are simple ways that technology can be leveraged better? 
  • How do I hire technical people? 
  • What questions should I ask technology vendors?

Bartlett Publishing provides speakers who understand the business and social aspects of implementing technology.  Common topics include:

  • Open-source and its effects on business and society
  • Understanding the software development process
  • Is my data secure?  A quick guide to security for non-technical managers and staff
  • How to market using email without being a spammer
  • Using technology for marketing - the best and worst ideas
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