New Porgrammers Start hereNew Programmers Start Here is the latest addition to the Bartlett Publishing lineup, and is the first installment of a new series of programming books called The Programmer's Toolbox series.  This book is aimed at high-school and college students wanting to get started in computer programming.  It includes background information on how computers work, how the Internet works, and other pertinent information you need to know to get started in computer programming.  Each chapter contains reviews and exercises to help you to solidify and apply the concepts that you have learned.

Programming from the Ground Up is an introduction to programming using Intel assembly language on the Linux platform, and has been used in universities as varied as Devry and Princeton.

To be a truly successful programmer, you have to understand exactly what the computer sees when it is running a program. Nothing short of learning assembly language will do that for you. Assembly language is often seen as a black art among today's programmers - with those knowing this art being more productive, more knowledgeable, and better paid, even if they primarily work in other languages.

"For those of you who missed out on learning assembly language, I highly recommend working through this book, even if you never program in assembly again.  I promise all sorts of lights will go on in your head and you'll be a vastly beter programmer." -- Joel Spolsky (