Jonathan Bartlett


Jonathan Bartlett is the director of technology at New Medio and is a cofounder of the healthcare software company  He has been the lead developer for numerous Web 2.0 applications while with New Medio and, and has lead both companies in their transitions to Ruby-on-Rails as a development framework.  He is the author of Programming from the Ground Up, which is an introductory textbook on computer science using assembly language which is used at Princeton University.  He is also a regular author at IBM's DeveloperWorks, with articles on subjects ranging from high-performance Playstation 3 programming to advanced metaprogramming techniques.

Jonathan has spoken to groups on both technical and non-technical topics.  On the technical side, Jonathan has given presentations on secure programming practices, Ruby-on-Rails, REST, memory management, computer hardware organization, and introductory programming techniques.  On the business side, Jonathan has given presentations on data security, email marketing, and dealing with technology in your organization.

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Intelligent Design and Creation Science

Jonathan Bartlett is a member of the Creation Research Society and the Creation Biology Study Group. His unique perspective combines information theory, computer programming, theology, and genomics into a combined mixture.  He presented a presentation to the 2006 Creation Biology Study Group conference detailing how the theory of computer metaprogramming can be used to analyze and predict features of the genome.  He currently has a paper in press with the Creation Research Society Quarterly on the relationship between spontaneous mutations, randomness, and design, and will be presenting a new theoretical interpretation of irreducible complexity at the 2008 Creation Biology Study Group conference. 

In addition to academic work, Jonathan has also spoken to non-technical groups on a variety of Creation and Intelligent Design topics, including what Intelligent Design is, why origins is important, the relationship between theology and science, and the current range of opinions on origins topics in the Church and in the scientific community.  Jonathan is also one of the bloggers on William Dembski's website Uncommon Descent (sample entry).

Published work:

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