Conservative Theology

Ruth 2:10


My translation:

And she fell1 upon her face and she prostrated2 before him towards the ground.  And she said3 to him, "On what account have I found4 favor in your eyes to give me recognition5 when I am a foreign womain?"

  1. Qal Imperfect 3fs + vav-consecutive - from נפל
  2. Qal Imperfect 3fs + vav-consecutive + 3ms suffix - from שחת
  3. Qal Imperfect 3fs + vav-consecutive - from אמר
  4. Qal Perfect 1cs - from מצא
  5. Hifil Infinitive Construct + 1cs suffix + ל prefix - from נכר

The hardest part about this one was all of the wierd verbs - שחת does a consonantal inversion, and there were two first-נ verbs, one in a not-often-seen form.


  • נפל - to fall / to lie
  • שחת - to prostrate / to go to ruin
  • מצא - to attain or to find
  • מדוע - wherefore, on what account, literally "what being known"
  • חן - favor / grace
  • נכר - to regard or to recognize, same in the Hifil 
Took longer than I thought, but wasn't bad.