Conservative Theology

Ruth 2:9


Here's the translation:

Let your eyes be1 upon the field which they will harvest.  And walk2 after them.  Have I not commanded3 my men not to smite4 you?  If you thirst5,6 then walk7 to the vessels and drink8 from that which my men will draw9.


  1. This is a verbless clause - the jussive-ness is deduced from context
  2. Qal Perfect 2fs + vav-conversive - the vav-conversive can be used to continue the action of the imperative (Williams 2007 #179), so we are continuing the imperative-ness of the verbless sentence prior.
  3. Qal Perfect 1cs
  4. Qal Active Participle masculine singular + 2fs suffix (used as an infinitive)
  5. Qal Perfect 2fs + vav (for real condition)
  6. Just to make Hebrew more ambiguous, the ו prefix can be used to prefix the if part of a question (Williams 2007 #512)  :]
  7. Qal Perfect 2fs + vav (acting as a conversive and a "then" clause together!)
  8. Qal Perfect 2fs + vav-conversive
  9. Qal Imperfect 3mp + 3fp suffix (not sure what the suffix is referring to)


  • צוה - Piel - to command
  • עין - eye
  • בלתי - not
  • לבלתי - not to / so that not / because not
  • כלי - vessel / implement / baggage / equipment
  • שתה - to drink / to enjoy
  • שאב - to draw (water)