Conservative Theology

Why Conservatism - the Importance of Social Norms


Just saw this <a href="">article on Free Range Kids</a>.  Basically, a playgroup is *disbanding* because of lack of insurance.  Isn't that crazy?  Kids - don't play with your friends because they may not be well insured for when we sue them!

This is, specifically, what I hate about America today.

I believe in a world in which living according to accepted norms gives you the freedom to just be in community. This is as much the fault of the liberals (who reject the freedoms) as it is the libertarians (who reject the norms). It is even the fault - to some extent - of the conservatives, who never thought it necessary to teach the value of social norms to other people.

For you confused libertarians - without the norms, everyone *must* have insurance, and *must* have presigned waivers, because there are no norms otherwise to govern the interaction.

For you confused liberals - just watch the President's interview with Letterman. Don't you think someone should be able to brew beer in their own home without having to go ask a lawyer about all the regulations? Don't you see how being regulation-happy doesn't hurt big businesses (who can pay the lawyers), but just hurts the individuals, who are now not free to their basic personhood anymore.