Conservative Theology

Ruth 2:8


Here is the translation:

And Boaz said1 to Ruth, "Why don't you listen2, my daughter?  Don't go3 to glean4 in an other5 field, and don't pass6 from this one.  And thus you will stay7 them8 with my women."

My notes:

  1. Qal imperfect 3ms + vav-consecutive
  2. Qal perfect 2fs
  3. Qal imperfect 2fs - negative commands use the imperfect
  4. Qal infinitive construct + ל preposition
  5. This messed me up for a while.  I did not know that אחר could mean "other" - I thought it only meant "after"
  6. Hifil Imperfect 2fs - negative commands use the imperfect
  7. Qal imperfect 2fs + fp suffix
  8. I have no idea what the feminine plural suffix was doing on there, so I just translated it as "them"


  • גם - also
  • עבר - to pass, pass by, or pass through
  • כה - thus
  • דבק - to cling, to keep, to close, to stay
Todays was challenging to put together, and I did not do a very good job - I had to rely on other translations a lot to see what everyone was saying.