Conservative Theology

Ruth 2:7


Ruth 2:7 was a little rough with both the syntax and vocabulary.  Much of this is probably wrong:

[the deputy is still speaking] 'And she said1, "May I please glean2, and I will gather3 from the fallen grain after the harvesters?"  And she entered4 and stood5 from the morning until this time.  She tarried6 in the house a little.7

  1. Qal Imperfect 3fs + vav-consecutive
  2. Qal Jussive 1cs + נא
  3. Qal Perfect 1cs + vav-conversive
  4. Qal Imperfect 3fs + vav-consecutive
  5. Qal Imperfect 3fs + vav-consecutive - this one threw me a little bit because it has a vav in the spelling instead of just a holem.
  6. This one is whacked out.  As far as I can tell, it should be a 3rd-ה verb, though I'm not sure what the mappiq is in there for.  This would make the root שבה and the stem the Piel.  However, this is being listed as a 1st-י verb everywhere I look, and is listed as a Qal in BDB.  What gives?  
  7. Largely because I couldn't figure out the verb, I never could put this sentence together on my own, so this is largely the product of looking elsewhere :(  Also, most translations add in "except" to the front of the sentence to show how it is being used.  I think that the switch from vav-consecutives to perfect is probably the justification for this.


  • לקט - to pick / gather / glean
  • אסף - to gather
  • עמיר - a row of fallen grain
  • עמד - to stand
  • אז - then
  • מאז - from then / from the time of
  • בקר - morning
  • ישב - to dwell / to sit / to tarry (accusitive of location)
  • עתה - time / now
  • עתה זה - now / this time
  • מעת - a little / fewness / few / small
That took me a little longer than I wanted.