Conservative Theology

Ruth 2:5 - 2:6


This one was fairly straightforward.  Here's my translation:

And Boaz said1 to his servant (the deputy over the harvesters) "who's young woman is this?"2  And the servant (the deputy over the harvesters) answered3 and said4, "she is a Moabitess young lady -- the one who returned5 with Naomi from the countryside of Moab."

  1. Qal Imperfect 3ms + vav-consecutive
  2. I originally thought this said "who is this young woman.  But it turns out (after reading a real translation)  that I only need מי for "who", and למי means "to whom", thus it is a possessive.
  3. Qal Imperfect 3ms + vav-consecutive
  4. Qal Imperfect 3ms + vav-consecutive
  5. Qal Active Participle feminine singular


  • נצב - deputy
  • נער - young man / boy / servant (someone under authority)
  • שוב - to return
The only thing that tripped me up on this one was the השבה, which I first thought was from ישב since Ruth used to dwell in Moab, but looking through my verb forms I realized that it must be a participle, and the only participles that use a qamets-hatuf are hollow verbs.