Conservative Theology

Ruth 2:4


This verse was easy as I didn't have to look up any vocabulary items:

And behold! Boaz had entered1,2 from Bethlehem and said3 to the harvesters, "YHWH be with you"4 and they said5 to him "YHWH will bless you6,7!"

  1. Qal Perfect 3ms
  2. In a narrative that progresses through series of vav-consecutives, a perfect verb often indicates that it should be translated into an English past perfect
  3. Qal Imperfect 3ms + vav-consecutive
  4. I first translated this as "YHWH is with you" (remember, 'to be' doesn't get a verb), but all of the translations had it as "YHWH be with you".  Williams (2007), however, lists a verbless desire clause (551), which makes perfect sense.
  5. Qal Imperfect 3mp + vav-consecutive
  6. Piel Imperfect 3ms + 2ms suffix
  7. All of the translations had this as a jussive - "may YHWH bless you".  They are probably correct.  However, I couldn't find a source to translate an imperfect as a jussive.
It's good to practice.  This is starting to get a little easier.  My goal is to try to do this every night after I read to my kids in bed.  Well, that's the plan, anyway...