Conservative Theology

John Hobbins on Inerrancy and Haiti


Going back through my RSS reader, I found a few excellent pieces by John Hobbins:

I have no idea how John manages to put out so much thoughtful content so often. 

As for inerrancy, I don't entirely agree or disagree with John.  I agree with his basic points, but think that the history and the art are much more intertwined than John's post implies.  My belief is that, for God, the history is the art.


I also found this (slightly older) post of John's: Why believers must complain about and criticize biblical texts

What matters is the context in which complaints and criticism occur. Do I make the criticism because I expect God or scripture to answer my questions and I will not rest until I find my rest in God and his Word? Or because I've decided that God and his Word are something I need to protect myself against, because I've found a higher standard of truth by which to judge them both?...