Conservative Theology

First 'Brew Blog - Ruth 2:1-2


A friend of mine is doing a personal translation and commentary of Genesis in his blog.  I'm nowhere near that good - it takes me a half hour to an hour per verse to do just a rough translation.  So my Hebrew blog will be much rougher (and shorter), but I thought it would be a good way to practice Hebrew and share what I learn while doing it.  Mine will focus more on mechanics than interpretation. I'm starting in Ruth 2 because I have already finished Ruth 1 for a previous class.  Here is my translation:

And to Naomi [was] a kinsman to her man.  A man mighty in strength from the clan of Elimelech and his name [was] Boaz.  And Ruth the Moabitess said to Naomi, "Let me go to the field and glean in the ears of grain after which I will find favor in his eyes.  And she said to her "Go my daughter."

A few notes:

  • Note that Hebrew does not have a verb "to have".  Instead they say "it was to him/her".  So "to Naomi a kinsman to her man" means "Naomi had a kinsman of her husband". 
  • Also note that "her man" means "her husband".  There is no distinct word for "husband" or "wife" in Hebrew
  • I was a little confused when I ran across לכי because I couldn't figure out what form it was.  Usually whenever you see לכ in Hebrew it is some form of הלך but in this case I couldn't place the form.  It turns out it is a feminine second person imperative.


  • מודע - kinsman
  • גבור - mighty
  • חיל - strong
  • משפחת - clan
  • לקט - to pick or gather, especially for gleaning
  • שבלת - ear of grain
  • מצא - to attain or find
  • חן - favor
All of the שs are shin's, but I can't see if I typed them correctly.  Probably not.