Conservative Theology



A friend of mine pointed to a great video about proselytizing.  The short form of it is that if you believe that salvation is in Jesus, and you don't proselytize, how much must you hate someone?

I have problems proselytizing.  In fact, most of the big issues that I care most deeply about I don't wind up following through with (faith in Christ and abortion to be two big ones).  I'm not quite sure why that is.  The way I justify it to myself (rightly or wrongly) is that the problems are usually bigger than a short-and-quick interaction will be able to solve, and that the surface solutions to those problems (i.e. proselytizing and political campaigning or picketing) aren't necessarily long-term solutions to the problem.  Especially in the case of proselytizing, since ours is a culture that knows about Jesus already, I'm always unsure whether my particular contribution in the form of proselytizing will be helpful rather than hurtful.

So, with regards to the big issues, I often feel, well, stuck.  Everybody knows what Christianity is, and everyone knows the arguments against abortion.  And yet, the world (at least the US) seems to be going a different direction.  With proselytizing, I feel like I'll just be one more added to the "crazies" category as a reason for people not to be a Christian. 

The way I've handled it to this point is to simply be a Christian and try to follow Jesus, and not hesitate to make Christ the center of my decision-making (this doesn't always happen, but indeed it is a goal), and so hopefully Christ will speak through me to people for whom actually talking might be less than helpful.  In addition, it is my hope that with this blog (among other things) I might help bring the Church back to its foundations, so that we can all live as a public witness to this world again.

Should I be proselytizing?  Probably.  But I just feel stuck.