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A Few interesting conversations going on:

Emergent Village argues against Sola Scriptura

Here is an excellent post on the argument between the "faith of Christ" vs. "faith in Christ" question.  The argument is that πιστεως χριστου is a larger, more-encompassing term than either of those translations.  Instead, "the Christ Faith" should be preferred (perhaps, to use a slight anachronism, "Christianity" is a proper translation).

Art has led me into covetousness.

Here is an interesting interview with an Evolutionary Creationist.  As is often the case, I just didn't the feeling that he "got" what either Intelligent Design or Creationism were all about.  In the first case, he criticized Intelligent Design for not having a theory of origins.  Of course, the reason for that is because Intelligent Design is a theory of causation, not origins!  He then criticized Creationism, but failed to engage in its cornerstone - flood geology and its relationship to Genesis 6-9.  Now, the real interesting thing is that Young-Earth Creationism was actually one of the things which caused him to be saved!  As I said, it's a very interesting interview, well worth your time. 

Here is a very interesting review of the Creation Museum.  Based on who it is who is reviewing the museum, I'll count it as extremely positive.  I ran across this when it first came out, but then never could find it again.  Basically, the reviewer was expecting to find the Creation Museum to be put together by people who didn't know science.  He found out that he was wrong - they knew the science better than he did, and their explanations of their reasoning was based on modern postmodern philosophy.  He didn't convert or anything, but you can see how, despite his extreme annoyance with YEC, the beginnings of some respect start to show through.

This looks like a great conference, but its on the wrong side of the pond.

How someone's life was torn apart because of a $100 donation.

Ancient Hebrew Poetry has a whole slew of interesting posts on translation issues.  I accidentally linked that back-to-front, so start reading with the last link and work backwards :)

Also a great post about the Judeo-Christian historical metanarrative.