Simpler Living

June 07, 2010

General / Welcome to the Blog


This blog is the log of an ongoing personal experiment - to see about living a simpler life in the suburbs.  By simple I don't necessarily mean easy, at least according to the modern definition.  By simple, I mean some combination of the following:

  • A shorter distance between needs and production
  • Less B.S. in my day 
  • Living *with* God's creation rather than against it
  • Living in deep community with others
  • Appreciating the process as much as the results
  • Being able to live without modern advances
  • Being able to unplug from the constant daily electronic whirring machine without it or you falling apart
In short, living sacramentally.  Being thankful to God and to others for everything we have, we eat, and we do, and doing everything in a meaningful way that also enhances community.  It doesn't mean eschewing all things modern - I still make my money as a computer programmer - but it does mean ordering your life so that you could make it without them.

The first and most obvious thing to do is to start a garden - both to eat from and to learn with.  So most of my first posts will be about gardening and making stuff with my garden.

And, a lot of this is just fun - I like to experiment and make stuff.  It comes from programming computers where I never have really *made* anything at the end of the day, so this gives me the chance to be a part of the real world of making stuff, and experimenting with making stuff.

I also like to be minimalistic.  I like to experiment with recipes and see if I can shave off ingredients and still get a decent result.  Can I get something tasty with just two or three ingredients?  Or with easier-to-find ingredients?  Or something that just grows straight out of the ground?

In the long run, I expect that this style of living will decrease my annual costs.  However, depending on what you do, it may require some capital expenses.

In any case, I hope you enjoy my blog, and enjoying with me my experiments and learning in this.

Also, I'll probably use this space as my personal blog, too, since that's part of community as well.