Notes from the Publisher

Science and Its Epistemological Limits


One thing that should be discussed more is the limits of science's epistemology.  Filling in the gaps for us is this post at CreationSafaris.

Clearly science seems “on to something” because of its practical successes in medicine, electronics and the space program, but even then, how much of the success is due to trial and error?  How much is due to practical engineering?  How much do we assume is true simply because it works according to the best theories of the day?  One only need look at history to see many examples of practical success using theories we now believe are wrong.

The fact is, science does not even account for a small amount of the whole of knowledge.  The problem is that we fail to recognize it, and speak using scientific categories even when they are inappropriate, and it makes us forget that there is more in life than the scientific.

I shelved this under politics because the political arena is becoming so science-oriented.  Whether or not one has "scientific" views (whatever those are) seems to be what the media judges you on in many cases.  But the fact is that there is a lot more that goes into knowledge than just science, and even more that goes into decision-making.  Making science an idol has clouded our ability to see its limitations.