Notes from the Publisher

The Coming Homeschool Revolution


I am convinced that within the next five years we are going to see a mass exodus of children from the public school system into homeschooling.  Everywhere my wife and I go, when we meet new people, inevitably the question comes up - where do your kids go to school?  When we say "we are homeschooling," then, in every single case this year, the people talking to us get really excited and start asking a bunch of questions.  Inevitably, it is because one of their kids is having trouble in school and not getting the attention they need (or too much negative attention), and they are seriously considering homeschooling.

What is amazing about this is that, just 10 years ago, homeschooling was almost unheard of. It was one of those things practiced by weird parents with weird kids.  But now, almost everyone we talk to desperately wants to homeschool one or more of their children, but they often don't feel adequate and/or don't know how to get started.  As more and more families start to do this, the difficulties involved will be minimized, and the downsides will be eliminated. 

It is entirely possible that the liberal social agenda will be implemented in public schools over the next ten years.  It is equally possible that by the time they are done there won't be anyone left in the public schools to listen.

As a company, we are currently looking at the ways in which we can assist the homeschool community, so be watching.  We'll probably be announcing something in the coming months.

For those of you wanting to homeschool, don't be afraid!  It will be worth your time and effort.

Feel free to comment on this article if you need advice on how to start homeschooling.  My wife and I currently homeschool a 1st grader, but we are well-connected with the local homeschooling community.  I'm also interested for feedback on what you think are the needs of the homeschool community which can be addressed with technology, curriculum/content, and/or organization/planning.