Technology Musings

December 10, 2010

Platforms / Opening other apps from the iPhone


I was looking into how to open another app from the current app today, and came across these posts which look interesting:


Anyway, an interesting list for anyone trying to do this.


December 06, 2010

Platforms / Bundler is Evil


If anyone is thinking about using the Bundler plugin for ruby-on-rails for *any* reason, DON'T!!!!!!!!!

I have lost probably 5-6 hours just messing around with bundler trying to get it to work consistently.  Unfortunately, a fairly decent library, formtastic, requires it, for some reason I really don't understand.  Anyway, I've lost hours of sleep and work time trying to mess with bundler.  So, for all of you wondering if this will be worthwhile - beware!!!  It just eats up your time and sanity with no real payoff.

It is especially evil if you are trying to manage dependencies for the same app running on multiple boxes, which, in theory, that's the problem it is trying to solve.


Amazingly, there is NOTHING AT ALL in the documentation to tell you how to uninstall bundler.  How nice.  

Here's what I found out:

1) Remove config/preinitializer.rb

2) Bundler adds a function at the bottom of config/boot.rb.  It looks something like this:

class Rails::Boot
  def run

    Rails::Initializer.class_eval do
      def load_gems
        @bundler_loaded ||= Bundler.require :default, Rails.env

Get rid of that function.  

3) Bundler should now be gone!  You can remove the gem, now, too.  I'll let you know if I find any other vestiges of bundler laying around.

And, it looks like formtastic still works after you remove bundler.  So if you must use formtastic, maybe you should use bundler to install it, and then remove bundler to use it.

December 03, 2010

Amusing / Model Rocket Stuff


Playing around with model rockets this week.  I found that you could use crepe paper (or even cellulose wall insulation) for recovery wadding, and that loctite at walmart was a decent substitute for plastic cement.  There's also a link to make your own fire-resistant wadding here, but it looks like you have to pay for the content.

Also, while looking around, I found that someone even came up with a method of making homemade engines (also other sites here, here, and here - that last link also has info on homemade fireworks)!   That's pretty cool, but I don't think I'm ready for it yet.  Also a link for homemade igniters.  

Anyway, I think the only part of that I'm brave enough to try is using crepe paper for recovery wadding, but the rest sure is interesting!