Technology Musings

October 06, 2010

Platforms / When XCode Won't Symbolicate your Crash Log

On the iPhone, when you get crash logs, XCode is supposed to automatically look up symbols for you.  Sometimes, it doesn't.  Just had a crash report from the app store.  Loaded it up in the XCode organizer, and... nothing.  Zilch.  A lot of posts on the internet talked about "atos" but I just kept on getting the error:

atos cannot load symbols for the file

So, thankfully, I found this page on manually symbolicating your file.  Yay!

Basically, you can just run gdb on your archived package, set some configs, and then do p/a on the addresses and it will give you the proper symbols, files, and line numbers.  Magic!

set print asm-demangle on
set print symbol-filename on
p/a 0x0whatever

Thanks so much to PiC Software for pointing this out.  And, of course, yay to the gcc and gdb developers who never get the credit that they should.