Technology Musings

June 18, 2008

General / Firefox 3 is Fast and Featureful


For anyone curious, the upgrade to Firefox 3 is well worth it.  I couldn't believe the speed increase, especially on image and Javascript-heavy sites.  They have done some excellent work!  In addition, they have added a lot of animations and user-interface touch-ups that just make using it a joy.  It's pretty amazing when you can add user-interface touches and still get massive performance improvements.

Bravo Firefox Team!

June 01, 2008

General / Welcome to the Blog


Bartlett Publishing started out in the technology area.  Our first full-length book was Programming from the Ground Up which is still used being used by Princeton University in their core curriculum, as well as several other schools.   This blog is an outlet for discussions about new technology, practical aspects of working with current technology, and general rants and raves on the industry.  Hopefully it will be as fun for you as it is for us!