Technology Musings

May 12, 2012

General / Why I Won't Be Participating in Anymore


I have historically been grateful for, but I think that perhaps they may be getting overly full of themselves and self-conscious.

I have long used their site to get answers, especially to iOS questions.  It always seems that someone answers any question I might have.  I've always wanted to give back, but found that nearly every questions someone else has already answered.

So the other day I was trying to figure something out, and the answer on StackOverflow was that it was not possible.  I spent a day messing around, and actually figured out how to do it (read about it here).  So, having spent most of the morning trying to find if anyone had accomplished this, I actually found three different questions pertaining to it, as well as several sites on the Internet.  So what did I do?  I decided the best way to let people know about the answer was to write a blog post about it, and then point people to the blog to find the answer in each question.  This was going to be my way of giving back.

So what happened?  Well, two of my comments got deleted from StackOverflow, and one had a comment from a moderator attached accusing me of self-promotion!!!!  Because I solved a problem that had been outstanding for a year, and told people the answer!!!!

So, in the future, I will just post to my blog, and leave StackOverflow out of it.  You can come here for the answers.  I don't have enough brain space to deal with that kind of junk.

May 10, 2012

General / Engineering and Metaphysics 2012 Conference


For those interested in engineering and theology and philosophy, this conference is for you!  I've got two talks slated for the conference - come and listen!  Lots of fascinating stuff from a number of disciplines:

You can see the abstract list here and the conference flyer here.