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May 25, 2011

General / Ideas 2011-05-25


Had some thoughts today, thought I'd write them down:

Been looking at Google refine.  Some of this is pretty obvious, but I'm thinking it would be pretty awesome to port this to use on a database backend.  Basically, do the transforms on the data in the database, and, if you want, it will serialize it back out to a new table, or replace the existing one.

What would also be cool is a generalized report generator for Rails, possibly using AREL.  You could do security by defining mandatory filters for tables, limiting the tables/columns, and other things.  It could predict the time the report will take to run by using PostgreSQL's "explain" command.

May 02, 2011

General / Readings around the Web


Here's a collection of links that I have open.  Just putting them here so I can close them :)