Researching Creation

July 29, 2008

General / Schedule for BSG Posted


The schedule for the BSG conference has been posted.  As you can see, I'll be talking about what Wolfram's complexity classes can tell us about Irreducible Complexity.  I'm sure that Stephen Wolfram would cringe if he knew that's what his research was being used for.  That makes me both happy and sad - happy because it was somewhat providential that I came to know about A New Kind of Science, and sad because I wish that I could repay Stephen for the good he and his company has done my family, and I don't think that he would take too kindly to the direction that I'm taking his work.

July 09, 2008

General / Convergent Evolution - the Platypus


I found this awfully funny.

July 07, 2008

General / ICC and BSG Conference Schedules Online


The schedule to this year's Creation Biology Study Group meeting was just posted.  Register by July 11th to get the early bird discount!

Also, the International Conference on Creationism also has their schedule posted.

Note that both conferences are in the same location on the same week.  ICC is on the first half of the week, and BSG is on the second half.