Researching Creation

May 25, 2009

General / New Baby!


My wife and I just had Bartlett baby #5 this weekend!  Everyone is healthy and in good shape, and we are all home now.

May 20, 2009

General / Upcoming Creation Research Society Conference


The Creation Research Society is hosting a conference July 10-11 at the University of South Carolina Lancaster.  Registrations for the conference can be done here.  Here is a semi-official list of presentations:

  • Lack of sufficient selection pressure to explain non-random patterns of mutations suggests directed mutations may increase genetic diversity (Jean Lightner)
  • The Origin of Grand Canyon by Late Flood Channelized Flow (Michael Oard)
  • Universe in Near Real Time Universe in Near Real Time (Steve Miller)
  • Matching the age of a Galaxy with its Rotation Velocity Profile (Keith Davies)
  • Rapid Cosmological Formation Processes in a Young and Initially Cold Universe (Keith Davies)
  • The Region of Eden: Analysis and debate (Joel Klenck)
  • Genetics, Developmental Biology, and Fossils Provide no Evidence for the Evolution of Teeth and Jaws, but Support the Creation Model of the Original Kinds of Genesis (Don Moeller)
  • What Really Happened to Atlantis in the Days of Peleg (William M. Curtis)
  • Truths and Solutions for the Bible, or the Vacuous Contradictions of Evolutionary Humanism (Rick Lapworth)
  • Analyses of Pertified Human Brain (Suzanne Vincent and Larry Skelf)
  • A Preliminary Hypothesis for the Origin of the Carolina Sandhills (John H. Whitmore, Ray Strom, and Danny Faulkner)
  • Post-Flood Ocean Cooling and the Ice Age (Steve Gollmer)
  • Genesis 10 & 11: A correlation (Stan Udd)
  • Survey and Analysis of Creation Views Espoused by Churches (Larry S. Kisner)
  • Genesis and Demise of the Dinosaurs  (Joel Klenck)
  • A Paradigm of Reality Towards a Theory of Everything (Pal Asija)
  • Ancient Binaries In A "Young" Configuration: The Strange Story Of V409 Hya and GSC 2537-0520  (Ronald G. Samec, Gregory Behn, Heather A. Chamberlain, E. R. Figg, Christa M. Labadorf Danny R. Faulkner)
  • Some Perspectives on Neanderthals: What Do They Mean for the YEC Model? (Anne Habermehl)
  • The Discovery of Design (Don B. DeYoung)
  • Words, Definitions, and Thoughts in the Battle of Worldviews (Horace D. Skipper)
  • An Analysis of the Star of Bethlehem DVD (Danny R. Faulkner)
  • The Moon's Recession from the Earth: Still a Valid Young-Age Indicator (Spike Psarris)
There are also going to be talks (with titles pending) from Hamilton Duncan, Gene Chaffin, and James E. Brownd.  The abstracts will be published in a future CRSQ.  I wish I could be there!