Researching Creation

February 20, 2011

General / New Book - Sacred Cows in Science


The book Sacred Cows in Science was just released.  This book is a compilation of issues from 17 authors in 3 countries which each challenge some aspect of science that normally goes unchallenged.  I have a chapter in it, so please take time to purchase a copy!  My chapter is on genetic mutations and whether they are accidental or not (or both).

The book covers a lot of territory, including astrophysics, biology, sociology, and other topics.  Many of the topics deal directly or indirectly with creation and evolution but not all.  Anyway, the chapters are all very different, some lay-oriented and some that are more technical.  Anyway, purchase a copy today!

February 08, 2011

General / A Theory of Undesign


One thing that is often missing in ID contexts is a theology of "undesign".  That is, if we are going to take our design inferences seriously, that means that there needs to be a real category of "undesign".  Yet, if we take our faith seriously, then we also need to understand God as the designer of the whole universe.

David Snoke takes a pass at working through this issue in a paper titled "Defining Undesign in a Designed Universe".  Well worth your read.