Researching Creation

March 25, 2009

Geology / Evidence for a Pre-flood Floating Forest


I just ran across a video of Kurt Wise talking about his floating forest hypothesis regarding the origin of coal seams.  From memory, his main lines of evidence for this are:

  1. Coal too flat (top, bottom, and benches in the middle) to have been formed from a gradual process
  2. Plants in coal have a different root system from modern plants - the only similar root system are plants which grow entirely in water
  3. Fossil sequence similar to sequence of habitats in quaking bogs - smaller moving towards larger, and semi-aquatic moving towards amphibians in animals
Anyway, I think he was only referring to certain coal beds, not all coal beds.  Nonetheless, based on the biomass, he was estimating that there was an entire pre-flood continent-sized floating forest which got buried.  It is very interesting!

Here's part 1 and part 2.

March 20, 2009

Geology / Interesting Political Implications of Creationism


John Hawks has an interesting look at the recent return of skeletons to a Native American tribe for reburial.  This is really interesting because it indicates that there are more implications for our thoughts/ideas/theories than we realize.  Hawks is an anti-Creationist, so he thinks the connection between the bones and modern tribes is ridiculous.  I'm not aware of current Creationist thinking on biogeography of human remains, so I don't know whether or not a modern Creationist would agree with Hawks or with the tribe, but nonetheless it is an interesting intersection of ideas with the reality of politics.

While I appreciate Hawk's desire for administrators to administer based on principle rather than on money, I think he leaves out one additional component that may be worth considering - one that John West brought to my attention a few weeks ago - that public decisions have valid interests besides experts.  Experts have been wrong - even whole communities of experts, and on matters of public policy, everyone has to live with the consequences, not just the experts.  Therefore, the public has a say, too.

So, while it is very likely that Hawks is correct - the University president is probably most interested in money, one possibility that should not be overlooked is that, even though the University president is not a Creationist, the University president recognizes that there are other valid interests which include people and groups that the University president doesn't agree with.  Being respectful to these groups and these ideas, even when they are in conflict with your own or experts, is wise, not spineless, though it should always be done with care.

March 19, 2009

Geology / The Folding of Rock Layers


AIG has an excellent article posted which shows how folded rock layers fit into a creation model.  They point out that there are several instances of rocks in which a series of rock layers are folded but not fractured.  This indicates that the rocks had not yet hardened when the folding occurred.  When the folding occurs across multiple rock layers, that means that none of the rocks could have been hard when the folding occurs.