Researching Creation

August 26, 2008

Discussions around the Web / MicroRNAs and Design


UncommonDescent has a fascinating discussion about the design implications of MicroRNAs. The importance is stated by DaveScot in the comments:

Each specific base pair sequence of length n [i.e. the MicroRNA targets], has a probability of 1/n^4. An 8 pair sequence has a pobability of 1/4^8 or ~ 1/64000. To have two that match I think we need to multiply the probabilities of each. Get the drift? After seeing the same target sequence not a couple but hundreds of times, and in the protein target groups that give the right combinations for function, doesn’t design spring to your mind?

August 23, 2008

Discussions around the Web / End of August Discussions and Links


There is almost too much going on these days to keep up with!  I'll try to let you in on some of the craziness:


A lot of people have been discussing front-loading.  Here's some of the links:

New Blogs I'm Watching

I've found several blogs.  These two appear to be very interesting indeed:

Other Stuff

If I blogged on all that stuff, I'd never sleep!  Hope some of it interests you.

June 01, 2008

Discussions around the Web / Design Constraints for Building Materials


TelicThoughts has a very interesting discussion on what the requirements of building materials might be for designing life.  Check it out - very interesting discussion!  I don't think many of them understood my arguments relating to complexity theory.  I hope to expound some of those out in a more extended manner soon.