Researching Creation

August 31, 2010

Discussions around the Web / Creation Q&A Day on Facebook


For any of you with questions about creationism, I encourage you to come and ask questions at Creationism Q&A Day on Facebook with Creation Nation X.  Our friend Ian hosted the last one, and I'll be hosting this one with a focus on biology.

August 15, 2010

Discussions around the Web / Why Online Conversations Are Hard


I was having a conversation with someone about fitness functions, who asked how someone could sneak information into a fitness function.  I responded.  Of course, someone else then asked about how evolution worked in cases where information wasn't snuck into the fitness function - the answer - it is usually snuck into the parameters of evolution!  But I hope you can see why online discussions are hard (for any issue).  People take the answer to a single *aspect* of the issue to be a universal answer to the whole deal.  They mistake the fact that you are having a conversation with a specific person about a specific thing to be a general public service announcement.  We can't spend our lives speaking in qualified statements, but we do need to be aware that people listening in aren't familiar with the full context of the conversation.