Researching Creation

December 11, 2008

Discussions around the Web / Todd's New Blog and a New Book on Genesis


Todd Wood, author of Understanding the Pattern of Life, and one of the BSG's founders, as well as part of the team which sequenced the rice genome, just started a new blog on Creation.  He has a great article summarizing Jean Lightner's paper on skin color and the generation of diversity.

Also coming is a new book on Genesis and Creation edited by Terry Mortenson.  This books aims to be a seminary-level book for understanding the Creationist perspective on Genesis.  From the table of contents, it looks like it covers:

  • History of exegesis of Genesis
  • The events surrounding the Church's change of position regarding Genesis
  • The relationship of nature to revelation
  • The genre of the text
  • Critiques of other interpretations
  • The relationship between Genesis and other near-eastern documents (this is actually not based on the table of contents but from a marketing announcement)

I hope to read it soon!