Technology Musings

December 22, 2011

General / Enjoy Skyrim's Alchemy? Check Out Nature's Own Alchemy System


If you have played The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you have probably made use of their "alchemy" system.  What you may not have known is that this is based, in some degree, on the real-life practices of both ancient and modern herbalists, who combine herbs and herbal actions to produce desired effects on the body and the body's health.  

If you are interested in learning more, you should check out The Herbalist, a new iPhone/iPad/iPod/iOS app which describes a number of herbs and the actions that herbalists use them for.  In addition, you can even search the herbal database by the action you are looking for or by the specific malady for which it is often used.  It also includes information on different ways of preparing herbs for usage in tinctures, oils, infusions, lotions, and other preparations.

Anyway, if you enjoy Skyrim's alchemy, you'll love seeing how practicing herbalists make use of the same basic ideas.