Researching Creation

December 03, 2009

Biological Change / Putting Mutations in Context

Using Creation Theory to Explore Biology


I thought I would direct your attention to my latest paper, Towards a Creationary Classification of Mutations.  The goal of this paper is to get beyond defining whether or not a mutation is beneficial or not, and looking into whether or not the mutation is part of a larger genomic architecture.  I include the outline of an experimental methodology which could be used to evaluate this.  I would love any feedback you have on the paper, especially if you can think of additional criteria to consider, and/or additional experimental methods that could be used to evaluate these criteria.

My hope is to help make Creation a help to biologists doing experimental work, rather than just a claim to be justified.  I believe truly that God is the foundation of knowledge, and that we can put the concepts of creation to work in exploring biology.  So, my hope is to outline ways in which creation can aid in this exploration.

Let me know what you think!