Researching Creation

January 19, 2010

Physics and Cosmology / Granville Sewell on the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics


Granville Sewell just posted an excellent video which summarizes his mathematical work on the 2nd law of thermodynamics and its relationship to origins debates (Hat tip to UD).

October 05, 2008

Physics and Cosmology / Plasma Universe


It seems like all of the research in YEC is going towards cosmology physics.  Some reasons why this might be are:

  • Physics departments have less resentment towards Creationists than do biology departments
  • Showing the reasonableness of the Creationist timeline does a double-whammy by also removing evolutionary timescales
  • It's just plain interesting, with a lot of work available to do

Anyway, as usual, I know next to nothing about physics, and I promise to try to educate myself on this sometime before global warming switches back to global cooling.

Barry Setterfield is an interesting character in YEC.  Here's his latest paper reviewing the potential for the Universe to have a primarily plasma origin.  If I remember correctly, Setterfield believes that the "formless and void" state of the universe in Genesis was a plasma of hydrogen and oxygen.  I have no idea if that relates to the paper or not :)  As I said, someday...