Researching Creation

February 27, 2009

Geology / Interesting Facts about Water

I'm in OKC for the Ruse/Dembski debate, so I thought I'd wade through OU's library.  I don't often have the time/access to large libraries that I'd like so it's fun just to browse and see what one can learn.  I found a book called Marine Chemistry by Horne which listed the following interesting facts about water (pg 15):

  • Water has the highest heat capacity of all solids and liquids except NH3 - this prevents extreme ranges in temperature, and allows heat transfer by simply moving water
  • Latent heat of evaporation - highest of all substances
  • Latent heat of fusion - highest of all substances except NH3
  • Thermal expansion - the temperature of maximum density dereases with increasing salinity - helps control temperature distribution and circulation in lakes
  • Surface tension - highest of all liquids - helps in physiology of the cell and other surface phenomena
  • Dissolving power - dissolves more substances and in greater quantity than any other liquid - obviously this helps with aqueous biological phenomena
  • Dielectric constant - water has the highest of all liquids
  • Electrolytic dissociation - small - allows it to be neutral but still contain both H+ and OH- ions
  • Transparency - relatively great - important in biological phenomena
  • Conduction of heat - highest of all liquids

Anyway, I thought that was interesting.

February 10, 2009

Geology / A Creationist Interpretation of Pyramid Rock, Victoria


Tas Walker recently posted his flood-centered interpretation of Pyramid Rock, Victoria.