Researching Creation

November 30, 2008

Geology / Russ Humphreys Latest Summary of Helium Work


Russ Humphreys just published a summary of the current debate regarding his Helium dating methods, complete with an index of criticisms and responses.  Of considerable interested is figure 3, which graphs his predicted data based on a young earth, compared to the predicted data for an old earth, compared to experimental values.

November 28, 2008

Geology / Marine Fossils Preserved in Amber


"New Discoveries" has a writeup of a new PNAS paper, Evidence for marine microfossils from amber.  Remember, amber comes from tree sap, and marine microfossils come from the sea :)  Although the paper was not speaking of the Biblical Flood, New Discoveries quoted the following from their pages to explain their findings:

It is likely that the flood waters first broke trees apart, transported the shattered timber, and then deposited the remaining pieces. These would have extruded large quantities of sap, which would have engulfed nearby creatures and then, at the bottom of the flood waters, hardened into amber. Marine algae trapped in amber ought to finally prove a flood-based interpretation.

I don't have access to the paper at the moment, but this seemed really interesting.